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The Magic of Niagara
The story of Niagara is 12,000 years old, and author George Bailey skillfully captures the historical highlights in a book that contains a riveting text and more than 100 photographs. $15.99

Makers, Moments & Memorabilia: A Chronicle of Buffalo Professional Sports
This first-of-a-kind book showcases the memorable teams, players and milestone moments of the Queen City’s professional sports heritage from the mid-19th Century to the present. $25.00

The town of Marilla, named after schoolteacher Marilla Rogers, was officially formed in 1854. Lying about 20 miles east of Buffalo, Marilla's early industries included sawmills, blacksmithing, shingle making, and agriculture. $21.99

The Mysteries of Father Baker
Is Father Nelson Baker an American saint? Historian John Koerner meticulously researches the miracles ascribed to this iconic figure, who transformed a Western New York parish into a magnet for the diseased and despairing, in hopes they would be touched by Father Baker's spiritual strength. $12.95

National Landmarks of Western New York
Author Jan Booth Sheridan takes you on a guided tour of Western and Central New York's rich history. Dozens of photographs showcase a selection of the region's most storied locations. $9.95

Nature's Niagara: A Walk on the Wild Side
A look at the untamed natural and geological history of one of the world's true wonders. Paul Gromosiak, the foremost historian of this awe-inspiring attraction, takes a close look at the remarkable features of the Falls. Learn why the falls have moved seven miles since the last Ice Age, or what causes the weird foam that accumulates at the base of the falls. $9.95

The New York Central System
Brought back to life are the fading steam whistle, the ticking of the station clock, the click of the conductor's ticket punch, and the bellowing of the line's mammoth locomotives. Using more than 200 rare images, author and historian Michael Leavy takes readers on an unforgettable journey beginning in the 1850s to the railroad's undignified end in the 1970s. $21.99

New York State Lighthouses
New York boasts a lighthouse legacy that stretches from the Great Lakes to the tip of Long Island. Expert and enthusiast Robert G. Müller has compiled a beautiful collection of these lighthouses, even some no longer in existence, which were photographed for use on early postcards. $21.99

Newfane and Olcott
The colorful tales of two adjoining towns in western New York are told through some 200 photographs of the communities. Not pictured: Malinda, the ghost said to be seen standing by the upstairs window of the beautiful Van Horn Mansion, guarding the grounds where her body was lost for one hundred fifty years. $21.99

The Niagara Book: Facts, Figures, and The Famous
George Bailey mixes facts about the history of the Niagara Falls region with anecdotes and color photographs. $7.95

Niagara ... More Than The Falls
Two audio CD's let you explore Ontario's beautiful Niagara Gorge region, providing directions, historical background, and general information about each of the 19 sites. Enjoy breathtaking scenery while learning about themes such as the formation of the Falls, the Great Gorge, gardens, War of 1812, wine, the story of power, and tales of adventure seekers. $17.95

Niagara Falls: Images of America
More than 200 vintage images and an information-packed text trace the history of Niagara Falls from the 1860s through the mid 1960s. In an attractive 128-page book that takes on the feel of a meticulously researched scrapbook, Author Daniel M. Dumych looks at how industry, tourism and noted people shaped Niagara Falls' vibrant past. $21.99

Niagara Falls 1850-2000: Images of America
Since their creation thousands of years ago, the Niagara Falls have captured the hearts and imaginations of all those who witness their endless power and strength. This book depicts the natural beauty of the falls, the emergence of the booming tourism trade, and the advances of electrical technology that have relied on the mighty falls' power. $21.99

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Niagara Falls Q & A: Answers to the 100 Most Common Questions About Niagara Falls
Now in its seventh printing, this book has been a guide to tourists from around the world. Author Paul Gromosiak surveyed 40,000 tourists, logging every question they asked about the falls. Now, you can answer questions such as "How did they turn off the falls in 1969?" $5.50

Nickel City Drafts
There's something to be said for a city that was burned to the ground and the very first order of business was to rebuild a tavern. Buffalo always has had an affinity for the drink. Its residents responded to Prohibition by electing an anti-Prohibition brewmaster as mayor … twice. Dan Murphy looks back on a city's history, as seen through a pint glass. $12.95

Orchard Park
Attracted by fertile soil, lush forests and abundant water, the first pioneer arrived in the Orchard Park region in 1803, making this one of Western New York's earliest settlements. Suzanne S. Kulp and Joseph F. Bieron have written a book that depicts the history of the community through its citizens, their homes and their businesses. $21.99

The Paranormal Almanac of Western New York
Mason Winfield has created a first-of-a-kind handbook of local hauntings. Tapping into his two decades of research, the region's premier paranormal historian has created a riveting almanac-like book that shines a spotlight on more than 600 spine-tingling incidents that involve over 300 local sites. $14.95

Peak Experiences
Find and climb the highest points of all of New York's counties. Follow Gary Fallesen through his often amusing observations on the way to 62 summits. $16.95

A town whose history has been shaped by the strategic military position of Fort Niagara, the quality of life in Porter and its villages of Youngstown and Ramsomville have remained largely unchanged over the years. This northwest Niagara County community still cherishes its heritage, lush farmlands, classic mix of suburban and rural settings, and unique role in Niagara frontier history. $21.99

Postcard Views
In the early years of the 1900's, full-color postcards offered a vivid look at cities, at a time when travel was more complicated and time-consuming. In the postcards collected here, see the hustle-and-bustle of Lafayette Square, Shelton Square, and many other iconic spots. Visit the Hotel Statler, Buffalo's thriving waterfront and numerous downtown churches, as well as other scenic attractions of its time. $17.95

The Power Trail
Niagara Falls was the Silicon Valley of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some of the great scientific and financial minds of that time descended upon Niagara Falls, where they battled nature for possession of Niagara's power. This is the story of the birth of hydroelectricity, an epic that created a great industrialized nation. $9.95

Quotable Buffalo
People talk. When it comes to Buffalo, they've been observing, debating, admiring, and, yes, bashing us for over 200 years. Quotable Buffalo presents some of the most insightful, complimentary, opinionated, unexpected, wrong-headed, and laugh-out-loud things ever said about the Queen City. Author Cynthia Van Ness combines her keen eye for history with her boundless love of the Queen City, to create this fun and enlightening book. $11.95

Quotable Cuomo: The Mario Years
Hundreds of memorable quotes from one of America's most captivating public speakers have been compiled by journalists Brian Meyer and Mary Murray. Both a delightful read and an essential volume for researchers, this 120-page book features photographs by Joe Traver. $5.95

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Remembering Old Buffalo
This book focuses on yesterday's fun: Crystal Beach, the Canadiana, Sunday rides in the country and the holidays that created delightful memories. Joseph H. Radder spins a series of evocative stories of nearly-forgotten people and sensations: records, radio, movies, the early days of TV -- even the Palace Burlesk. $13.95

Rescue of a Landmark -- see Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin D. Martin House: Rescue of a Landmark

Roast Beef in April
Author Robert Higgins grew up in New York State's Southern Tier. His lively book takes readers on a leisurely stroll down memory lane. $9.95

The Rose Witch: Supernatural Tales Among Western New York’s Ethnicities
Celebrated for its ethnic riches, Western New York may have another heritage – the astonishing survival of ancient supernatural tradition from across the globe. The Rose Witch is Mason Winfield’s groundbreaking survey of lore and legends from Western New York’s diverse cultures.

The Roycroft Campus
Experience East Aurora's historic Roycroft campus as never before, viewing rare images of the people who made the Roycroft dream a reality. See examples of their creations, from handmade books to intricate metal works and rare furniture. $21.99

Scatter My Ashes Over Havana
Born in Havana to Cuban and American parents, a young girl makes her way in America, becomes a poet and professor in Buffalo, and then makes her way back to Cuba. A poetic, powerful memoir of exile and the search for home, this is a book of special interest for women, Hispanics, history buffs and all admirers of fine writing. $17.95

Secret Buffalo: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure
What’s the true story behind the “buffalo” wing, and why do Buffalonians refuse to call it that? Where is the nature preserve that was once an outlaw colony? Which obscure shop on the city’s East Side produces hats for Hollywood? Find the answers to these questions and many more in Secret Buffalo, a guide to the mysteries, surprises, and incredible stories. $22.50

Secret Places of Western New York: 25 Scenic Hikes
Discover secret and scenic day hikes within a day’s drive of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Secret Places of Western New York: 25 Scenic Hikes is more than a trail guide. Hidden in these pages, you’ll uncover what makes these hikes special enough to be a Secret Place. Both lifetime locals and visitors to the region will be guided to the best paths and trails throughout the Buffalo-Niagara, Southern Tier and Rochester regions. $24.00

The Secret Plot To Kill McKinley
In a dramatic recasting of the assassination of President William McKinley, historian John Koerner presents the first ever case for a conspiracy to execute our nation's 25th chief executive. Koerner reveals how assassin Leon Czolgosz was trained and funded by a ring of conspirators who possessed a maniacal dedication to accomplish their goal of murder. $12.95

Seeing Niagara : The 10 Best Ways to Experience the Falls
How is Niagara Falls best explored by visitors? Few people know the answer better than local historian Paul Gromosiak, who offers a guided tour of the best locations to visit, to best capture the Niagara Falls experience. $8.95

Shadows of the Western Door
Western New York mystified its first White settlers more than any other region in North America. By the middle of the nineteenth century, the area was famous as a source of psychic energy that flowered cults, communities, two major modern religions, and many supernatural displays. Guided by the insights of modern research, each of Mason Winfield's vivid, wry articles is another step on this supernatural safari across Western New York. $16.95

Sing a Song of Six-Packs (book and cassette combo)
Humorist Jerry Kent has penned a batch of musical parodies that make Buffalo politics spring to life. Most of the songs focus on the feisty former four-term mayor Jimmy Griffin, making it a collector's item for his many fans and foes. $11.95

Sign Stories
Some are familiar landmarks on your daily commute, and others are undiscovered treasures. Author Karla J. Levi and photographer Patricia C. Galeza will take you on a journey through the City of Buffalo, as they use words and photographs to introduce you to the human element behind the painted image, to the story behind the sign. $15.95

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SJCI 150
From its modest beginning in 1861 in a small building behind St. Joseph's Cathedral to its sprawling campus on Kenmore Avenue, St. Joseph Collegiate Institute has been a prominent contributor to Buffalo's educational landscape. Read about some of the school's more prominent alumni, outstanding athletic teams, and more. $19.95

Sketches in the History of the Underground Railroad
For nearly a quarter century, Eber Pettit operated an Underground Railroad station in Cattaraugus County. He funneled fugitives to Black Rock and the Niagara River for passage to Canada. This 155-page book is a collection of his reminiscences, commissioned by the editors of the Fredonia Censor in 1868. The book also includes period photographs, illustrations and maps. $12.95

Attracted by Springville's rich forests and abundant streams, New Englanders settled the area in the early 1800s. In 1830, Springville Academy emerged as Erie County's first high school and has produced an array of distinguished citizens, including football innovator Glenn "Pop" Warner. Today, medical and agricultural services, manufacturing, and education are key elements in the area's economy. $21.99

Starr Gazing: Stories of Buffalo, the Niagara Region and Beyond
Western New Yorkers love to talk about, read about and reminisce about the region’s rich history. The good ol’ days are a regular topic of conversation at family affairs, favorite watering holes, coffee shops, luncheons and reunions. Daniel P. Starr’s engaging work is a great opportunity to add to these conversations. $17.99

Steamers of the Crystal Beach Line
A history of a select group of steam-powered passenger boats that plied the waters between Buffalo, New York, and Crystal Beach, Ontario, William E. Kae chronicles the events that put these steamers in newspaper headlines after their years of service sailing to Crystal Beach. $26.99

Spirits of the Niagara Wine Trail
Western New York's supernatural historian Mason Winfield offers a new kind of wine trail journey that highlights the area's folkloric and paranormal legacy. Visit the haunted rivers, ridges, rails, and trails that frame many of the region's prominent wineries, and Native American tradition underlies them all. $12.95

Symbol & Show: The Pan-American Exposition of 1901
After being out of print for several years. it's being re-released to commemorate the Pan-Am's centennial. The book offers a riveting look at perhaps the greatest event in Buffalo's history, as Austin Fox brings to light many half-forgotten facts. The major buildings, and many of the lesser-known structures, are beautifully illustrated by Lawrence McIntyre. $15.95

Take A Hike
A great way to enjoy the outdoors in Western New York. Rich & Sue Freeman have catalogued the best places to take your family for walk in the natural world. The guidebooks are packed with maps and details. Available for both the Rochester area, and the Finger Lakes and Genesee Valley region. $16.95 / $19.95 Finger Lakes version

Take Your Bike
A guidebook for the best places to take your bike in the Rochester area. The guidebook is packed with maps and details for 42 bicycling trails, the very best places to ride in Niagara, Orleans, Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Cayuga, Ontario and Seneca Counties. 45 maps, 38 pictures. $18.95 Also available in a $16.95 Finger Lakes edition.

Tale of the Tape
The one locker room constant through the first 38 years of the Buffalo Bills was their trainer, Eddie Abramoski. Now, the man that hundreds of Bills players knew as "Abe" tells the stories of what really went on behind the scenes. $10.95

Today In Buffalo Sports History
This book covers Western New York's sports history -- one day a time. Based on the popular Buffalo News feature, all the biggest sports events are covered: milestones involving the Bills, Sabres, Bisons, Bandits, Braves, and more. $15.95

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Tonawanda and North Tonawanda
From a backwater village on the Erie Canal to a world-renowned lumber distribution and manufacturing center, an influx of immigrants and industry fueled the growth of the twin cities of Tonawanda and North Tonawanda, and transformed the landscape and character of western New York. $21.99

Toronto and Niagara Falls
Two world-renowned destinations are showcased in one book, packed with more than 240 full-color photographs, a detailed street map, informative text and user-friendly index. $17.95

The Town of Tonawanda
Organized to illustrate the principal eras during the past century, over 200 photographs depict the lumber industry, the canal, and the railroads that transformed the village of Tonawanda into a boom town. $21.99

Tuscarora Nation
A heartfelt depiction of their culture and traditions, the height of their agricultural success, the rich heritage of lacrosse, the unique fishing culture along the Niagara River, and their traditional government of chiefs and clanmothers. $21.99

Uncrowned Queens
African American Women Community Builders of Western New York. Shining a light on one hundred extraordinary women, Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram and Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold have written and edited this collection of diverse profiles. $11.95

Uncrowned Queens II
The second volume filled with profiles of extraordinary women, compiled by Dr. Peggy Brooks-Bertram and Dr. Barbara Seals Nevergold. $13.95

Victorian Buffalo
Images from the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. A remarkable collection of lithographs, woodcuts and steel engravings from the years before photography was more than a novelty, and when Buffalo, New York, was a boom town. Cynthia Van Ness has compiled and authored an extraordinary look back at a different age. $13.95

A View Through the Lens of Robert L. Smith - The Buffalo Bills: Photos 1960-1995
The official photographer of the Buffalo Bills from their humble beginnings in the American Football League, Robert L. Smith has captured 35 years of triumph and travail right through their streak of four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl. Smith has selected 444 photos (with 16 pages in full color) that chronicle the ups and downs of famous Bills from Jack Kemp to O.J. Simpson, from Jim Kelly's grit to Scott Norwood's fateful kick in Super Bowl XXV. $26.95 (available only through

Village Ghosts of Western New York
Book One: Actors in the Half-Light. The definitive study of Western New York's ghosts in the words of “supernatural historian” Mason Winfield. Guided by the insights of parapsychology and folklore and filtered through Mason's years of experience, it is a tribute to the hidden spiritual history of Western New York. $13.95

Water Over the Falls: 101 of the Most Memorable Events at Niagara Falls
Daredevils who defied the Mighty Niagara in rubber balls and kayaks. Tragic rock slides, bridge collapses and heroic rescues. Stunning engineering feats, including the "dewatering" of the falls in 1969. These true-to-life tales are recounted by local historian Paul Gromosiak. $9.50

Watkins Glen Racing
The war was won, the Depression was over, and Americans were back on the road. From all across the nation, sports car drivers converged on Watkins Glen to race through the gorges, hills, and village streets of upstate New York. Over the years, the course has evolved from its humble beginnings on streets lined with hay bales to the modern closed track that plays host to NASCAR today. $21.99

Located just a few miles north of the Pennsylvania border, Wellsville is nestled within the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains' Allegheny Range. The town grew quickly in the 1850's, once the Erie Railroad began passing through the town. And then it grew again in 1879, with the discovery of oil. $21.99

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West Seneca
The history of West Seneca as a working community can be seen in its humble Native American cabins, sturdy Ebenezer Society building, simple farms, hardscrabble shops, and blue-collar housing tracts. In the 1840s, the arrival of the Ebenezer religious community from Germany continued the area's mostly agricultural development, and they formally incorporated the town in 1851. Town historian James Pace has compiled photographs from several eras in the town's development, up through the 1950s, when the search for affordable homes in a suburban setting led to the town's explosive growth. $21.99

Western New York Amusement Parks
During the days of trolleys and steamships, area businessmen created Celoron Park, Crystal Beach Park, and other fine local summer resorts. Decades later, lifelong memories were formed for neighborhood baby boomers who visited Glen Park and Fantasy Island, as well as one of New York State's finest theme parks, Darien Lake. Author Rose Ann Hirsch has showcased many of the region's most beloved amusement park attractions. $21.99

Western New York 101: The 101 Greatest Moments in Buffalo History
Author Dan Murphy set out to identify the region's pivotal moments in time, from the formation of the Five Nations Confederacy in 1451 -- one of the first representative democracies in history -- to the Goo Goo Dolls rocking at Niagara Square in 2004. From the Pan-American Exposition and the Super Bowl years, to the opening of the Erie Canal and the daredevils who conquered Niagara Falls, you'll find 101 more reasons to feel proud about Western New York. $16.95

Western New York Steel
Like other rust belt cities, Western New York was once the embodiment of the postwar American dream. Over the past 200 years, Western New York has been witness to the socioeconomic rise and decline of a mighty steel industry. $21.99

The Western New York Weather Guide
Veteran Buffalo weatherman Tom Jolls worked with award-winning journalist Brian Meyer and researcher Joe VanMeer to craft a unique almanac crammed with humorous, dramatic and educational slices-of-life, all of which focus on the four seasons. Read about the famous Blizzard of '77, or The Year There Was No Summer. $7.95 $7.95

Western New York Wild
The gorgeous scenery throughout Western New York is revealed in the stunning photography of David Lawrence Reade. Pages and pages of full-color beauty are divided into sections called Autumn Splendor, The Wonder of Water, Forest Friends, Wild Gardens, Man In Nature, Forest For the Trees, and Winter White. $19.95

The town of Westfield was the genesis of Chautauqua County, boasting the county's first permanent settlement (1802), first post office, first school, and first church. The book features pioneer portraits, prominent national figures, and landmarks including the Chautauqua Gorge. $21.99

When a Loved Is Hospitalized...A Family's Guide
There comes a scary moment when a loved one needs to be taken to the hospial, and all you want is to ensure they receive quality medical care. Clinical social workers Michael Caballero and Jolie Giardino not only provide important medical information, but also great tips on self-care and how to effectively advocate for your loved one. $9.95

Where To Find Birds In Cattaraugus County:
27 Sites From Allegany State Park To Zoar Valley . A thoroughly detailed guide for the birding enthusiast. Detailied directions to 27 sites, with ratings for when the viewing is good and when it's best, plus a seasonal abundance chart, listing over than 250 species that can be spotted in the Southwestern New York county. Jeffrey M. Reed has created an indispensible guide. $9.95

White Death: Blizzard of '77 30th Anniversary Edition.
It was one of the worst blizzards in North American history. On January 28, 1977, a hurricane-like force with a frigid twist buried people in their cars and homes, killing thirty and injuring hundreds of others. Close to twenty-three years later, Erno Rossi's riveting book is still as gripping as the blizzard itself. The book includes 50 photographs that chronicle one of the region's most dramatic historical events. $24.95

A picturesque lakeshore community goes full circle, from a well-known excursion mecca in the late 1800's -- to a sleepy farming community during the war years -- and then back to a tourist destination in more recent times. Through some 200 photographs, witness the transformation and a glimpse of Wilson's beaches and parks, shops and boutiques, harbor activities and speedway races. $21.99

The World According to Griffin: The End of an Era
The controversial 16-year reign of Buffalo mayor Jimmy Griffin is captured in a book of quotations compiled by veteran journalist Brian Meyer,/a>. This 117-page book includes hundreds of long-forgotten barbs, put-downs and words of wisdom from one of the most quotable figures in local history. $5.95

Zany Niagara: The Funny Things People Say About Niagara Falls
This hilarious book is your passport for an amusing armchair tour that showcases the offbeat side of a world-renowned tourist attraction. From Mark Twain's first glimpse of the falls in 1869, to tourists of the 1990's, author Paul Gromosiak recounts unusual historical facts, bizarre incidents and myths. $4.95

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