Books: by Title: Western New York Amusement Parks

For more than 100 years, Western New Yorkers have enjoyed the region's exciting amusement parks.

During the days of trolleys and steamships, area businessmen created Celoron Park, Crystal Beach Park, and other fine local summer resorts. Decades later, lifelong memories were formed for neighborhood baby boomers who visited Glen Park and Fantasy Island, as well as one of New York State's finest theme parks, Darien Lake.

Western New York has always been a proving ground for some of the nation's most famous roller coasters. The terrifying Cyclone, the fast and furious Silver Comet, and the extreme Ride of Steel have attracted the very bravest of visitors.

In the new millennium, the summer tradition of visiting local amusement parks continues with a blend of family-orientated parks and theme parks that appeal to all ages.

As a western New Yorker, Rose Ann Hirsch grew up visiting several of the area's parks and spent 31 summers riding the Comet at Crystal Beach. She has written various articles and books on amusement park topics, including Kiddie Parks of the Adirondacks.

128 pages, paperback, 200 black & white photos
ISBN: 978-0-7385-7456-2