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Bruce Trail
A unique adventure along the Niagara Escarpment. Follow the ups and downs of a five-week, 465-mile hike from Niagara Falls up to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay. $16.95

Daring Niagara
What is it about Niagara Falls that inspires the brave and foolhardy? Foremost Falls historian
Paul Gromosiak chronicles the many ways in which man and woman have tempted fate, and gambled their lives in the rushing waters of the mighty Niagara. Learn about Annie Taylor, the first to go over the Falls in a barrel, but certainly not the last. $8.95

Exploring Niagara: The Complete Guide to Niagara Falls and Vicinity
Illustrated with 77 spectacular color photographs, this comprehensive guide treats readers to an up-close and personal view of more than 50 fascinating sites on both sides of the border. Authors
Hans and Allyson Tammemagi suggest tours within a half hour's drive from Niagara Falls. $14.25

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Family-Friendly Niagara
Written by renowned local historian Paul Gromosiak and journalist Brian Meyer, the book serves up dozens of games, challenges and other features that make exploring the falls a memorable experience. The book inspires readers of all ages to become explorers, detectives and even friendly competitors as they experience one of the world's natural wonders. $8.95

Goat Island: Niagara's Scenic Retreat
Learn the remarkable history of the piece of land that separates the American and Canadian Falls. Author
Paul Gromosiak researches the wild and untamed beauty of an island that stands bravely in the middle of the world's most famous torrent of cascading water. $9.95

The Magic of Niagara
The story of Niagara is 12,000 years old, and author
George Bailey skillfully captures the historical highlights in a book that contains a riveting text and more than 100 photographs. $15.99

Nature's Niagara: A Walk on the Wild Side
A look at the untamed natural and geological history of one of the world's true wonders.
Paul Gromosiak, the foremost historian of this awe-inspiring attraction, takes a close look at the remarkable features of the Falls. Learn why the falls have moved seven miles since the last Ice Age, or what causes the weird foam that accumulates at the base of the falls. $9.95

The Niagara Book: Facts, Figures, and The Famous
George Bailey mixes facts about the history of the Niagara Falls region with anecdotes and color photographs. $7.95

Niagara Falls Q & A: Answers to the 100 Most Common Questions About Niagara Falls
Now in its tenth printing, this book has been a guide to tourists from around the world. Author
Paul Gromosiak surveyed 40,000 tourists, logging every question they asked about the falls. Now, you can answer questions such as "How did they turn off the falls in 1969?" $5.50

Niagara ... More Than The Falls
Two audio CD's let you explore Ontario's beautiful Niagara Gorge region, providing directions, historical background, and general information about each of the 19 sites. Enjoy breathtaking scenery while learning about themes such as the formation of the Falls, the Great Gorge, gardens, War of 1812, wine, the story of power, and tales of adventure seekers. $17.95

Seeing Niagara: The 10 Best Ways to Experience the Falls
How is Niagara Falls best explored by visitors? Few people know the answer better than local historian
Paul Gromosiak, who offers a guided tour of the best locations to visit, to best capture the Niagara Falls experience. $8.95

Toronto and Niagara Falls
Two world-renowned destinations are showcased in one book, packed with more than 240 full-color photographs, a detailed street map, informative text and user-friendly index. $17.95

Water Over the Falls: 101 of the Most Memorable Events at Niagara Falls
Daredevils who defied the Mighty Niagara in rubber balls and kayaks. Tragic rock slides, bridge collapses and heroic rescues. Stunning engineering feats, including the "dewatering" of the falls in 1969. These true-to-life tales are recounted by local historian
Paul Gromosiak. $9.50

Zany Niagara: The Funny Things People Say About Niagara Falls
This hilarious book is your passport for an amusing armchair tour that showcases the offbeat side of a world-renowned tourist attraction. From Mark Twain's first glimpse of the falls in 1869, to tourists of the 1990's, author
Paul Gromosiak recounts unusual historical facts, bizarre incidents and myths. $4.95


Video Aquarium of Niagara Falls
This video offers all you all the soothing and healthful benefits of watching colorful tropical fish, complete with restful sounds of bubbling water and peaceful light music. Shot on location at the world-famous Aquarium of Niagara Falls. 60 minutes. $24.95

A Festival of Lights
A colorful tour of North America's #1 holiday attraction, the Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls. 30 minutes, holiday music, some narration. $19.95

Winter in Niagara Falls
You may be familiar with our favorite travel destination, Niagara Falls, and its many attractions. Now see it in winter, complete with ice-coated trees and brilliant ice-crystal rainbows! 30 minutes, soft background music, informative narration. $19.95

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