Books: by Author: Paul Gromosiak

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Paul GromosiakPaul Gromosiak, one of the region's most respected Niagara Falls historians, takes great pride in being a life-long Western New Yorker. Born on August 21, 1942, in Niagara Falls, New York, Paul's fascination with the Mighty Niagara was sparked at home. His father would often tell him stories about early life on the Niagara Frontier. Ever since then, Paul has been researching Niagara's natural and human past. That research led to a series of small books, each one focusing on different aspects of Niagara Falls.

When people want to know about the Falls, they look to Paul Gromosiak. He is frequently interviewed by both local and national media. In 1989, Paul appeared on the CBS program "America Tonight" for a special segment on the environment surrounding Niagara Falls. Canada's weekly newsmagazine MacLean's looked to Paul in 1993 for information about the storied custom of honeymooning at the Falls. He also serves as a guest columnist for The Buffalo News and The Niagara Gazette. In 1997, Paul appeared in "Fading in the Mist," a PBS documentary about efforts to keep the Falls natural. The program was shown on many public television stations throughout the U.S. He has also worked on a web page about the history of Niagara Falls.

Paul graduated from Niagara University with a B.S. in Chemistry. He then moved on to The State of New York University where he received permanant certification in mathematics, as well as chemistry and general science. He has worked as a chemistry teacher in the Niagara Falls School District and as a chemist for both The Eastman Kodak Company and The Hooker Chemical Corporation. Among his interests: hiking, listening to various types of music and debating.