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Buffalo Snow
A beautifully illustrated book, Buffalo Snow recounts the story of a little girl and her older brother who are stranded in a blinding whiteout. They seek shelter with strangers, and learn why Buffalo is called “The City of Good Neighbors.” $6.95

book cover The Western New York Weather Guide
Veteran Buffalo weatherman
Tom Jolls worked with award-winning journalist Brian Meyer and researcher Joe VanMeer to craft a unique almanac crammed with humorous, dramatic and educational slices-of-life, all of which focus on the four seasons. Read about the famous Blizzard of '77, or The Year There Was No Summer.$7.95

book cover White Death: Blizzard of '77 30th Anniversary Edition. It was one of the worst blizzards in North American history. On January 28, 1977, a hurricane-like force with a frigid twist buried people in their cars and homes, killing thirty and injuring hundreds of others. Close to twenty-three years later, Erno Rossi's riveting book is still as gripping as the blizzard itself. The book includes 50 photographs that chronicle one of the region's most dramatic historical events. $24.95

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