Books: by Title: The Western New York Weather Guide:
A Century of Sun, Snow, Sleet and Rain

book cover Readers will not want any "winterruptions" as they breeze through this lively, information guide on Western New York weather.

Veteran Weatherman Tom Jolls worked with award-winning journalist Brian Meyer and researcher Joe VanMeer to craft a unique almanac crammed with humorous, dramatic and slices-of-life, all of which focus on the four seasons.

The book is filled with hundreds of fascinating local weather tidbits, charts and even trivia questions. The chapters include:

  • Weirdist Happenings on the Weather Scene
  • The Blizzard of '77
  • The Year There Was No Summer
  • Weather Myths
  • Buffalonians recall their worst weather nightmares
  • The coldest days, warmest days and snowiest days in history
  • Twisters on the Niagara Frontier
  • Weather Glossary
  • Western New York Weather IQ Test

The Western New York Weather Guide also includes more than 20 photos and many user-friendly charts which help readers to pinpoint milestone weather events on specific days.

ISBN: 1-879201-18-6