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The Rose Witch: Supernatural Tales Among Western New York’s Ethnicities
Celebrated for its ethnic riches, Western New York may have another heritage – the astonishing survival of ancient supernatural tradition from across the globe. The Rose Witch is Mason Winfield’s groundbreaking survey of lore and legends from Western New York’s diverse cultures. $12.95

Ghosts of 1812
Mason Winfield has combined his long fascination with Western New York history, with his interest in the paranormal, to create this unique look at the War of 1812. The conflict raged throughout the region, and some of the turning points of the war -- and the spirits they left behind -- are right here in our own backyard. $15.95


The Phantom Tour DVD
The 13 Most Haunted Places in Western New York, revealed through expert interviews and eyewitness accounts. Mason Winfield is your tour guide on a journey enhanced by unsettling and exhilirating stories. Created by Full Circle Studios. Bonus materials. $19.95

book cover Shadows of the Western Door
Western New York mystified its first White settlers more than any other region in North America. By the middle of the nineteenth century, the area was famous as a source of psychic energy that flowered cults, communities, two major modern religions, and many supernatural displays. Guided by the insights of modern research, each of Mason Winfield's vivid, wry articles is another step on this supernatural safari across Western New York.$16.95

Spirits of the Niagara Wine Trail
Western New York's supernatural historian Mason Winfield offers a new kind of wine trail journey that highlights the area's folkloric and paranormal legacy. Visit the haunted rivers, ridges, rails, and trails that frame many of the region's prominent wineries, and Native American tradition underlies them all. $12.95

Village Ghosts of Western New York
Book One: Actors in the Half-Light. The definitive study of Western New York's ghosts in the words of "supernatural historian" Mason Winfield. Guided by the insights of parapsychology and folklore and filtered through Mason's years of experience, it is a tribute to the hidden spiritual history of Western New York. $13.95