Books: by Subject: Remembrance

Buffalo Memories
The collected newspaper columns of George Kunz, spun from his detailed remembrance of life in Western New York over the 20th Century. His vivid stories recall the days when ice came in blocks, milk came in bottles, and everyone looked forward to visiting 998 Broadway and the ice cream parlor. $17.95

Lockport Boy
... a memoir of a magical time and place. Frank Bredell looks back on a childhood growing up in Lockport, New York, in the 1930's and 40's. $12.00

Postcard Views
In the early years of the 1900's, full-color postcards offered a vivid look at cities, at a time when travel was more complicated and time-consuming. In the postcards collected here, see the hustle-and-bustle of Lafayette Square, Shelton Square, and many other iconic spots. Visit the Hotel Statler, Buffalo's thriving waterfront and numerous downtown churches, as well as other scenic attractions of its time. $17.95

Remembering Old Buffalo
This book focuses on yesterday's fun: Crystal Beach, the Canadiana, Sunday rides in the country and the holidays that created delightful memories. Joseph H. Radder spins a series of evocative stories of nearly-forgotten people and sensations: records, radio, movies, the early days of TV -- even the Palace Burlesk. $13.95

Starr Gazing: Stories of Buffalo, the Niagara Region and Beyond
Western New Yorkers love to talk about, read about and reminisce about the region’s rich history. The good ol’ days are a regular topic of conversation at family affairs, favorite watering holes, coffee shops, luncheons and reunions. Daniel P. Starr’s engaging work is a great opportunity to add to these conversations. $17.95

Steamers of the Crystal Beach Line
A history of a select group of steam-powered passenger boats that plied the waters between Buffalo, New York, and Crystal Beach, Ontario, William E. Kae chronicles the events that put these steamers in newspaper headlines after their years of service sailing to Crystal Beach. $26.99