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a memoir of a magical time and place

by Frank Bredell, who was born and grew up in Lockport, New York, is a book you'll read and cherish. It's about growing up in the 1930's and 40's in a place where it was safe for a boy to roam the city and where the exploits of the Waterman Street Gang were exceeded only by the imaginations of its 10-year-old members. Here's what early reviewers have said about Lockport Boy:

"If you enjoy reading, relaxing and remembering, you're going to love this memoir ... it's a wonderful trip down memory lane. Hardly a page will turn when mention of some personality, place or event won't hit a response ... It will trigger chuckles and smiles, nodding heads of agreement and sighs of appreciation of an American life and culture that may be headed for extinction. I believe this is the only book of its type about Lockport."

The story will be appreciated by anyone who grew up in a small town in the 30's and 40's. It is a good natured portrayal of an era."

Even if you didn't grow up in Lockport, you'll enjoy the true stories of weird and wonderful teachers, the cat that almost ruined Christmas, "smoking" twigs and how a 30-mile trip to Buffalo was an almost unbelievable adventure.

ISBN: 0-9674846-0-X