Jim Whitcomb

A Celebration of the Four Seasons
Gardens, Blossoms & Blooms
Autumn on Cape Cod
County Fair Memories
A Day at the Zoo
Video Aquarium of Niagara Falls
A Festival of Lights
Winter in Niagara Falls
Ocean Waves: Solitude by the Sea
Christmas Hearth
Country Hearth
Sing Along With Your Old Favorites

Jim Whitcomb, Videographer for STB Productions, has a vast array of experiences that have helped create a unique and highly artistic video style.

Jim began his professional career as a ski instructor/mountain guide in Vail, Colorado, where he fully realized his love of nature and the outdoors. Jim also worked at the International Broadcast Center in Hollywood, California, for the Los Angeles Olympic Committee, for the 1984 Summer Olympics. He took a detour for three years and worked as a videographer for the New York modeling community before co-founding STB Productions in 1989 with Susan Beahan.

Since turning his attention to STB Productions, Jim has appeared in Marquis Who's Who in the East_ five times, and Marquis Who's Who in the World_ three times, being cited for his talents and contribution to society through his work as videographer. Jim's appreciation for artists such as Monet and Wyeth are reflected in his personal video style, one that has received high praise from customers, buyers and video professionals alike.