County Fair Memories

of one of thrilling double Ferris wheels, outlined by yellow and green neon lights against the night air.

Relive your fondest memories of a day at the County Fair! Experience all the color, excitement, sights and sounds of the Midway, rides, and carnival games we all give a try! Visit the barns and see the farm animals in a personal way, with their prize-winning ribbons and proud owners! Watch in amazement as fair-goers hop on a wide variety of colorful rides, from the delightfully old-fashioned carousel, to the nerve-jangling double ferris wheel! And you can almost smell the hot dogs, fried onions and Italian sausage as they cook in the open air of a hot summer's day!

See the world's largest sandcastle, watch an old-time horse pull, and delight in the fun as baby pigs race around a track in their famous "Dash for Mash" all visitors look forward to! This one-of-a-kind video includes minimal narration, and spirited Ragtime music that captures the flavor of this unique American tradition at it's best!

of a beautiful prize-winning cow.

COUNTY FAIR MEMORIES was shot on location at the world's largest County Fair, the Erie County Fair, and brings the best of the Fair, both day and night, right into the comfort of your own home, at the push of a button! There's no other video on the market like this one, which delights all ages, from tiny tots to elderly nursing home patients and those suffering from Alzheimer's disease! So, take a trip back in time, and relive the simple joys of a day at the County Fair!

Price: $19.95
(30 minutes - VHS)