A Day at the Zoo

of an irresistable Polar Bear looking directly out of the page at you.

Everyone loves to spend a relaxing, fun-filled day at the Zoo, but most of us just don't have the time! This educational and entertaining video takes you "behind-the-scenes" with exotic animal keepers and their charges, to learn what it takes to keep these animals happy and healthy! This unusual opportunity to learn from the experts makes this tape a favorite of pre-school and elementary teachers and their students, recommended as an enjoyable learning experience! Parents of pre-school children have also praised this video as a resource that small children will watch and enjoy over and over again! They learn about animals, colors, flowers, what keepers do for the animals, and how to care for, and be kind to animals---a very important thing to teach all children!

of a Bengal Tiger at rest, who almost seems to be smiling.

Parents, grandparents and teachers also appreciate the live video style of this tape, instead of the usual animated programs so often directed at children. Kids also respond extremely well to our live-action video, which is a better learning experience than cartoons. It has even been known to replace Barney and Big Bird! This tape is also highly recommended for use with all stages of Alzheimer's patients, as well as offering a welcome break to caregivers!

A DAY AT THE ZOO is filled with all sorts of animals, from bears to zebras to lions to giraffes, and also offers beautiful scenes of spectacular spring and summer gardens in full bloom! Bright sunshine, a merry-go-round, kids, animals, fountains and soft instrumental music make this video an enjoyable 30-minute break from an otherwise uneventful day!

Price: $19.95
(30 minutes - VHS)