Books: By Authors: David Lawrence Reade

The Four Seasons of Letchworth: A Celebration of the Grand Canyon of the East
Western New York Wild

David calls himself an"intuitive" photographer. "I let the images call me. I get a special feeling, a knowing that I should be somewhere and off to that somewhere I go. It's not so much about the place per se, but about the extra-ordinary, one-of-a-kind scene that is about to be revealed."

He asserts that evocative photography calls for immersion, the becoming of one with the environment and that often requires going the extra mile. For him, that usually means on foot. "By venturing away from the familiar, I have been rewarded with some truly amazing sights."

Reade has been a full-time author, photographer and writer since he quit the corporate world more than 10 years ago. "As a high energy, nature-loving person, sitting inside behind a desk just wasn't for me." After leaving his job he published "Beyond Buffalo: A Photographic Guide and Journey to the Secret Natural Wonders of Our Region." which immediately became a local bestseller with now well over 10,000 copies in print. The Buffalo News stated: [Beyond Buffalo! is] delightful in its selection of little- known scenic wonders; it provides a wealth of information and contains gorgeous color photography."

His images have appeared in many local and national publications and have won numerous awards. He exhibits his work at premier art shows all over the Northeast. David says he photographs "America the Beautiful" but admits that Western New York holds a special place in his heart. ''I grew up exploring the area and know these places intimately. You'd be surprised at the special spots that can he found with a little bit of extra effort. He hints that The Four Seasons of Letchworth is just the first in a new series of books to come celebrating the region. "I want to give back to the area I call home and at the same time extolling its virtues."