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Buffalo Snow
A beautifully illustrated book, Buffalo Snow recounts the story of a little girl and her older brother who are stranded in a blinding whiteout. They seek shelter with strangers, and learn why Buffalo is called “The City of Good Neighbors.” $6.95

Kids First: A First Aid Guide For Kids
Children aged 5 to 10 now have an educational way to learn the basics about first aid. It provides basic information on dealing with cuts and scrapes, burns, choking, something in the eye, nosebleeds, burning clothing, and breaks and sprains. The book was co-authored by
Beth Kent-Astrella, R.N. and Angie Leonard, R.N., and illustrated by Carol Kent Williams. $4.50

Look Who's Adopted!
In this entertaining, brightly illustrated book, young readers will meet Wendel, the talkative turtle who introduces them to a world full of his adopted friends. By explaining all the many wonderful things his friends do at work and play, Wendel shows kids that little people who are adopted are just like everybody else. Co-written by
Michael S. Taheri and James F. Orr, and illustrated by Jenny Wegrzyn. $8.95

Owahonton: Maid of the Mist
The timeless legend of the "Maid of the Mist" -- part of American Indian lore -- comes to life in this re-telling by
Paul Gromosiak, complete with illustrations by Joan Elizabeth Johnson. Perfect for young readers. $10.00

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