Quotable Cuomo: The Mario YearsBooks: by Title: Quotable Cuomo: The Mario Years

Hundreds of memorable quotes from one of America's most captivating public speakers are included in this 120-page softcover book. Compiled by journalists Brian Meyer and Mary Murray, this is an essential volume for researchers and politicos.

During an interview on CBS' Face The Nation, Cuomo was asked who was right on the Persian Gulf war, the Democrats or President Bush?...

"I would say the President did a very right thing by going to Congress and asking their permission; remember we thought he wouldn't? So he was right going to Congress. The Congress said it was right to go to war. Since the Congress told him he should go to war, he did the right thing by winning it, and the people who did it most right of all were the men and women from my state and every other state who went there willing to sacrifice their lives -- and some of them did. They were the most right of all."

The book includes a comprehensive index and photographs by Joe Traver.

ISBN: 0-879201-03-8