Books: by Title: Secret Places of Western New York: 25 Scenic Hikes
By Bruce Kershner, Jennifer Hillman, and William McKeever

Discover secret and scenic day hikes within a day’s drive of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Secret Places of Western New York: 25 Scenic Hikes is more than a trail guide.
Hidden in these pages, you’ll uncover what makes these hikes special enough to be a Secret Place. Both lifetime locals and visitors to the region will be guided to the best paths and trails throughout the Buffalo-Niagara, Southern Tier and Rochester regions.
Hike to out-of-the-way grottos where the only sound is the trickle of water, crawl through hidden caves, commune with nature in ancient forests and stumble upon tucked away treasures like lonely graves. You'll be able to splash on secluded beaches and creeks, admire towering waterfalls, and if you dare, step under the cascade yourself. 
Be guided to historical carvings on rocks and trees that many walk past but never see and be awestruck when ice volcanoes erupt on the shores of Lake Erie.
Co-authors Jennifer Hillman and William McKeever have teamed up with Bruce Kershner’s literary estate to encourage the next generation of explorers to discover 25 compelling secret and not-so-secret scenic day hikes within Western New York. Go take a hike!
ISBN: 9781681063683
$24.00  softcover, 192 pages