Books: by Title: Birding in Central & Western NY

Best Trails and Water Routes for Finding Birds

This guide shows when, where and how to find and enjoy birds that migrate through Central and Western New York as well as ones that take up year—round residence. There are maps and directions for travel on foot, by canoe or kayak, by bicycle and even a few where you don't have to leave your car. Birdwatching is a year-round activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Written by Norman E. Wolfe.


  • Why Central & Western NY is a prime birdwatching area
  • Where and when to go to find specific species of birds
  • Simple keys to bird identification
  • History of bird development and how it affects where you're likely to find them today
  • How to have fun outdoom with minimal environmental impact
  • Recommendations for selecting binoculars
  • Tips on photographing, video recording, and sound recording birds for added enjoyment

160 pages, 32 maps, 6 photos, 10 line drawings

ISBN 1-930480-0-08
Price: $16.95