Books: by Author: Ed Vidler

Hometown Tales Beyond The Awning

After over 50 years, Ed Vidler still works at the first, same, and only job he's ever had, at Vidler's 5 & 10. The consummate clerk, Ed feels that dealing with people is the greatest job in the world. The variety of folks that walk through his door never ceases to amaze him.

A resident of East Aurora since 1929, Ed still lives in the village with his wife, Pat. He can be found at Vidler's most days, working alongside his brother Bob, daughter Beverly, and nephew Cliff. It's rumored that the only reason they keep him around is because nobody can sweep a floor like Ed.

The stories in East Aurora From Under The Awning began as an ill-fated attempt to write a tourism brochure. With encouragement from Pat and a few friends, Ed was inspired to record the mirth, myths, and memories of a classic American small town.