Books: by Title: Take A Hike

The walks, rambles, strolls and hikes in this book are designed for people who delight in exploring unique oe little-known places. The trails lead through forests, fields, marshes, hills, and arboretums where you can enjoy the natural world. This book will help you klearn more about local history, get much-needed exercise, enjoy nature, or find new places to ealk your dog.

With this guide, you;ll be able to explorer thr Rpochester area with ease and conficence. Each of the 60 walks is rated for difficulty, type of terian, and descroibed byl length an estimated time required.In addition, you'll know how to easily fimd the trails and parking.

"It's rare as a book reviewer that you find something to rave about -- but then that's what makes a special catch so special. Such a book is Take A Hike! You know you've found a good hiking guide when the corners of the pages are well-thumbed and there are bookmarks and souvenirs (like pressedleaves) in between pages after onlly a few months." Jillian St. jacques, The Greece Post

"Imaging hiking through the Lost City of Tryon, navigating Plaster Woods, or exploring Hardwood Swamp. Such names conjure images of exotic getaways. But actually, these are local hiking trails featured in Take A Hike! Ellen Rosen, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

57 maps, 36 pictures, 256 pages

ISBN: 0-9656974-7-9

Finger Lakes edition:

68 maps, 34 pictures, 288 pages

$19.95 (ISBN: 978-1-930480-20-9)