Books: By Authors: Brett Gawronski

The Power Trail: History of Hydroelectricity at Niagara

Niagara is one of those few regions in the world that has many intertwined layers of history. These layers are found in our social culture, industrial legacy, and natural features all framed within some of the greatest urban centers in the world. Unlike many other cities in North America, the Niagara region still retains much of its heritage and historic architecture. As a wise man once said, ''Sometimes it's good when cities don't have money.''

During graduate work in 2003 he did a design for the former site of the Adams Plant as a natural regeneration landscape, published in 306090, September 2004, in an article written by co-author Prof. Lynda Schneekloth. Out of the research completed during this project was born "The Power Trail." The four authors of the book still continue to work with local and state officials to try and preserve the history contained within this book.

Brett has worked for multiple architecture firms in the region. In 2005 he was a co-designer for a project in the Czech Republic involving the reuse of a historic garment factory. Brett received his Masters Degree in Architecture from the University at Buffalo in 2005 and is presently working in Chicago for the architecture firm of Holabird & Root, one of the remaining firms from "The Chicago School". Thanks to my parents, Dennis and Betty Gawronski, for support over the years.