Books: By Authors: Steve Cichon

The Complete History of Parkside
Irv! Buffalo's Anchorman
A Buffalo Scrapbook: Gimme Jimmy!

Steve Cichon is an award winning journalist with WBEN Radio, where he's been a news reporter and anchor since 2003, having worked in Buffalo radio and television since 1993.

Steve and his wife Monica became Parkside home owners on Valentines Day 2000, and quickly fell in love with the neighborhood. They continue to renovate and restore their 1909 EB Green designed American Four Square, and will likely continue to do so into perpetuity.

Both Steve and Monica have served on the Parkside Community Association Board of Directors, and both are very active in community events, like the Parkside Home and Garden Tours. Steve also serves as a lector at St. Mark Roman Catholic Church, where they were married. Though it didn't make the first 168 pages of this tome, Steve believes his wedding day to be the greatest day in Parkside History.

While obviously Steve has an interest in the history of Parkside, that interest extends to the history of all of Buffalo, and Western New York as well. He's the curator, writer, and webmaster at, a website dedicated to preserving and sharing the Buffalo area's pop culture history, particularly the history of Buffalo radio and television. Steve is the past President of the Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers, a non-profit group dedicated to preserving the area's broadcasting history.

Steve is a firm believer that while most people might say they find "history" boring; everyone enjoys a good story -- particularly if it helps tell the person listening to it how they got where they are.