Books: by Title: Carlton and Point Breeze

With 200 unforgettable images, Carlton and Point Breeze recounts the history of a community that developed along the shore of Lake Ontario in 1803.

The first settlers hunted and fished for a living, just as Native Americans had for centuries. At Point Breeze, Oak Orchard Harbor became a shipbuilding center. The Bridges and Waterport developed as fishing villages. And Ashwood, Kenyonville, Kuckville, and Kent grew into large farms, with.crops and cattle that were shipped to faraway markets.

Times change, and today the waterfront's recreational appeal lures thousands of visitors. But ancient Native American burial grounds still exist here, and arrowheads and flint appear each spring when gardens are tilled and farmland gives way to golf courses.

Hollis Ricci-Canham, a lifelong resident and founder of the Orleans County Genealogical Society, and Avis A. Townsend, the author of four other books published by Arcadia, collaborated on Carlton and Point Breeze.

In public and private meetings with past and present residents, they uncovered vintage photographs and historical detail not widely known. Their book is a fitting tribute to a unique lakefront community.


ISBN: 0-7385-4550-3