Books: by Title: Canal Water & Whiskey

Out of print for over a decade, this book published by Western New York Heritage press introduces readers to the people of the Erie Canal - warts and all! Author, historian and skilled storyteller Marvin Rapp has collected historical vignettes, tall tales, songs, short stories and other treasures that provide evidence of a world now nearly lost.

In this 398-page book, readers will meet colorful characters from a defining era in our region's history. Meet Peg-Leg Harrison, Sam, Sam the jumpin' man and Old Beales, the determined scrounger.

Chapters include "Mayhem, Murder, Mystery and Mischief," "Whores, Wastrels and Waterfront Guerrillas," Canal Entertainment" and "Life on the Raging Canal." One section includes sheet music of selected songs from this special time in Western New York's history.

A comprehensive index is also included making a book an invaluable research tool. There is even a canal glossary and a chronology of events to help readers explore the canal legacy.

Also featured is a never-before-available compact disc that features a lively collection of verses from the book - all read by the author.

ISBN: 978-1-878097-26-2

Book and compact disk featuring a collection of verses from the book