Books: by Title: Evans and Angola

Incorporated in 1821, the area that is now the town of Evans saw its first permanent settlers just prior to the War of 1812. The village of Angola developed later with the establishment of the railroad, which also brought industry, most notably the internationally known Emblem Bicycle Company.

Many of the original residents of Angola were Quakers. Many supported the African nation of the same name through their missionary projects. More examples of religious influence were the summer camps supported by groups such as the YMCA and the Fresh Air Mission, which operated Cradle Beach Camp to help the county's underprivileged children.

Lake Erie also drew visitors and residents to the area. The miles of shoreline were home to summer camps for adults, as well as children, and the wealthiest families in the city of Buffalo built their summer homes there. Prominent among these estates was Graycliff, the summer home of Darwin Martin, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

William H. Carrier, known as the "Father of Air-Conditioning" and the town's most famous resident, was born and educated in Evans and graduated from Angola High School in 1894.

Author Cheryl Delano has been the historian for the Town of Evans since 1991. She also serves as secretary of the Town of Evans Historical Society, whose archives provided most of the images in Evans and Angola.

ISBN: 978-0-7385-6353-4